Deca Angstrom Your Trustworthy Partner

About Us

Company Introduction

Deca Angstrom is established in August of 2018, staffed by professionals with rich experience in the field of research and development of nanotechnology, material science, chemistry and biotechnology.

Major technologies include nanolization and suspension of metals and metal oxides, colloid of noble metals, surface modifications and dispersion. With this technology we are capable of manufacturing products with nano materials that deliver the functions of long last antibacterial effect, disinfection, deodorant, anti mildew, as well as antioxidation, moisturizing and sun protection in cosmetics application.

Deca Angstrom, based on the professional knowledge and nanotechnology, provides consultation and services to customers in different fields for cooperation and development of various relevant materials and applications.

Our Business Concept

Our team shares a common philosophy of providing customers with high quality nanomaterials, working together for technology upgrades, reducing cost and achieving product diversification.

By doing so we intend to help customers to increase the tangible or intangible value of their products. In the end make the world a better place for living.

Future Prospect

In addition to continuing working on nanomaterial ingredients and their applications in both domestic and overseas market.

We will be also investing in a few own brands of specialized modules and finished goods used in functional daily appliances, filters and 3C products.


Sales agency, joint product development, OEM/ODM, consultation for specialized products.